Tribute To David

David Sabatini was a self-taught artist. Starting in charcoals, acrylics and oil paints then sculpting in clay and wire. One of his first wire sculptures is the “Phone Lady” made entirely of phone parts and wire. His interests cover sports, movies, history, current events, music and literature.

People test themselves by seeing if they can name all the faces in the many murals hanging on the walls of the showroom. He would paint directly on a 4 by 8 foot piece of sheetrock. and line the room with them.

David had a voracious appetite for learning and read history books and biographies and would go through 3 newspapers a day.

His artwork was another creative outlet for him. He surrounded himself with his original creations and customers are by turns, fascinated, impressed and delighted by the recognizable faces and unique and whimsical sculptures.

In the back workroom he painted directly on the walls. The larger-than-life characters are colorful and a showcase to his talent and tireless ambition.

For Bernadette, to be surrounded by her fathers’ artwork is to be reminded of his presence every day and is always happy to talk about him when people ask about the pictures.