19 Feb 2016

Is my piece worth reupholstering?

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I’m often asked by customers: “Is my piece worth reupholstering?” This is a great question as reupholstering is an investment of their time and money. I usually have three criteria to consider:

1. How old is the piece?
The older the frame, the better the construction. The quality of materials and methods of construction have greatly changed over the past twenty years or so. Common sense tells us that a sofa for $300 is not going to last regular use. However a sofa from the 1970′s with a brown plaid fabric can be reupholstered to look contemporary and fit into your lifestyle because the wood frame is well built and could last and wear well for another 12 to 15 years.

2. Is the piece comfortable?
You use your sofa or chair every day, it’s a known commodity. That new chair looks beautiful in the showroom, your chair looks careworn and shabby. You sit in the new chair and it feels fine. Once you have it home and are watching tv you realize it’s too soft or too hard, your back aches when you get out of it or it quickly shows wear.
When you reupholster your piece you know what you’re getting and can choose the fabric and foam that fits your lifestyle. If you are on that chair every night, I can guide your choice of fabric that will hold up to high traffic.

3. Does it have sentimental value?
Many of us have pieces that hold a special place in our heart: maybe it was passed down by a beloved parent, or you remember a family member sitting in that chair. We associate certain objects with precious memories of people that have passed from our lives. These pieces are worth keeping and giving a new life. Updating them with fresh fabric doesn’t change the memories, it just keeps it around to make new ones.


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